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    Loi Phong then turned his anger into happiness, his eyes lit up: "So can you recommend my weapons and equipment to your superiors? I can tell you, I have this many weapons and equipment." Countless times of bullying!"

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    The high-speed Iron Fist anti-tank missile accurately hit the side of the armored vehicle, metal beams penetrated the vehicle and swept through the inside of the vehicle, the bodies of two crew members were torn apart, blood spurted out through the center, including Covers the entire vehicle.

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    Shanxi is the land of martial arts, and the Eight Paths of Taihang are like eight sharp arrows pointing to the back of the Central Plains. Taihang Mountain, Wangwu Mountain, Luliang Mountain... successive mountain ranges divide this land into pearl-shaped basins, the Yellow River, Fen River and other rivers connect these pearl-shaped basins into Complete geographical unit, you don't need to come see it in person, just listen to the ground to know how easy it is to defend and how difficult it is to attack Son Tay. Naturally, the Japanese army was very interested in such a battlefield for military strategists, and built a large number of extremely strong and fortified fortifications around a series of cities such as Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Yangquan, Linfen and Yuncheng, turning these cities into disasters The iron walnut was gnawed, which was reflected in Linfen's counterattack --- an entire army of 50,000 men, as well as strong air and armored support, fought against Linfen, which was defended by only one category B division. After fighting extremely hard and paying a heavy price, Linfen was finally taken down hard. A secondary city like Linfen is difficult to break, and one can imagine how strong Taiyuan is. In fact, the Eighth Army on the Shanxi battlefield launched an unstoppable attack on Japanese railway and road construction at the beginning of the war, within a few days, the entire network was destroyed. The rail and road network in Son Tay was paralyzed. casualties increased a lot, to break the deadlock it was necessary to invest strong troops.

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    Machi Hanano from Tokyo is a native of Tokyo. He is only seventeen years old this year and is the son of a street vendor. Because his father was flexible and had a prosperous business, since he was young, he never lacked food or clothing, so he rarely suffered. But in February this year, he was drafted into the army, and after several months of training, he was sent to China to be assigned to the Yantai station, and his nightmare began. In this ghostly place, there is no safe corner to be found, the martial arts army is everywhere, there are hateful eyes everywhere, not to mention contributing, even eating and drinking is a problem! To have enough to eat, he once sneaked to his host's house in China to help with some tasks such as carrying water, chopping firewood, and feeding pigs. At first he was worried that his colleagues would laugh at him, but later he realized. that he was doing a good job in the landlord's house, his co-workers actually begged for help, he also helped find a job so he could have a change of meal... At that time , Hanano Machi felt something breaking inside him. Was this the royal army that swept across most of Asia? We came all the way to China, to conquer China or to work? But he also had to admit that working at the landlord's house was enough to have enough food, dissatisfaction was dissatisfaction, work still had to be done. Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. Before they could eat for a few days, the 27th Army had already come to surround Yantai. They couldn't leave the city, and naturally they couldn't work. Now thin Hanano Machi, looking eagerly out to sea, muttered to himself: "When will the navy's red deer ships come? If they don't come, we don't need the Eighth Army to fight. We starving to death!"

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