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    During the entire process, fortunately Vuong Han himself also accumulated tens of millions of years of life, otherwise, if he was not strong enough to give up trust in authority, or authority would begin to become a joke, So his life will be very miserable. Building authority is a long process, but losing authority can be completely destroyed by just one or two small things. So how to define authority, how to eliminate all human fallacies, and simply define authority as knowledge and logic, this is the question that all states and districts need to ponder. think. At this time, it seemed that the center was doing very well. Looking back now, it was probably not selfish, the work was very effective, and the root cause was also very clear.

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    The hole had been dug, the rat-headed man Vuong Han quietly dragged his body into the hole, thought for a moment, then picked a bouquet of withered gray flowers from the side, putting those flowers in the old one. closed his. the chest with both eyes, was silent for a while then began to cover the ground, "The same thing but in the eyes of people in the three worlds they all look different. Here, everyone is understood to be a relatively reasonable existence, Say In other words, basically, I can distinguish between right and wrong. There are definitely many people like that, the number is also very large, so first of all, if my strength is at the lowest level, then I don't need to worry. No matter what, I was killed, because there was no meaning, the other person killed me, and then I would directly co-exist with me. So what's the point of killing? This has become a stupid behavior. ."

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    “Of course, Dai Nhi!” Tieu Truong Dang without hesitation gave the dagger and dagger box to Dai Nhi.

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    After leaving the dormitory, he went directly to the computing power test, and his appearance could be said to have caused a stir at Phac Can Liet University, even though he knew Wang. Han often has a relationship with Vuong Han. Unknown to the melon eaters, after they saw Wang Han finally come out of the dormitory, they immediately spread the news everywhere, especially on the official website forum of Zhanzheng University , the whiteboard arrow god has come back to life. It can be said that this post caused a heated discussion immediately! Some brave people even secretly took pictures of Vuong Han, then directly sent this photo to the forum!

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    At this time, Vuong Han was not in a hurry. He immediately followed his feeling and walked in one direction. Before he really left this space, he only needed to make a complete backup. This backup was to make memories, or to use it for future research. If he was recreating himself, he wouldn't have such a leisurely thought. The backup goal is very simple, one is his current core. The mind's thinking light ball is the essence of the virtual ocean, the rest is the core of the thinking light ball he has now condensed in the district. In his mind, he calculates the third core of the thinking light ball made of yellow. Golden Origin, he now has a total of three thinking cores. light emitted by the source. Shadow, "Okay, keep it."

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    Not necessarily... because the core comes from Dai'er after all, and Dai'er's own strength is not as strong as Vuong Han's, so his own strength is not as strong as Vuong Han Trung's. mind, this problem should be given priority to who can handle it vigorously?

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    Yes, it's just such a simple sentence, here we have to discuss it further, regarding procedural justice or outcome justice, everyone here will have their own ideas and other people's ideas are unchangeable, so here are the details. It doesn't make much sense to talk about it. But there is a very real problem that occurs among individuals in all states and counties, which is that everyone suffers a lot of devastation in their lives to some degree, and these people themselves This devastation should be vented through some reasonable channels, but sometimes Bored in my heart, depressed for a long time, normally don't know what to do, so once I encounter a hole that can venting anger, a vulnerability that can hurt others, all the troubles in daily life will explode in the blink of an eye, let alone if someone steals something, even from Zaun, there is still a way to handle it as if you can't wait to peel it off.

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    Vuong Han immediately began searching for all of Lanning Situ's memories, lasting half a day, before letting go half a day later. With his hand released, everything in the hospital returned to normal, time began to pass again and the other people in the hospital also started talking normally again. I heard him say another sentence: "I have to leave the human world and go back to Chien Chinh Academy to find Tieu Hi, so I came here to say goodbye to you."

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    That must be so, otherwise there is no way to explain it. Vuong Han smiled and said: "I am a more logical person. What is Lanning Situ's current computing power? At most it is only 300 points. 300 computing power points How much? That's it, don't talk about power my calculation, let's talk about your calculation power, Dai'er Xiaogelin, your calculation power has exceeded 10,000 points and you cannot directly destroy the entire Void Sea then, there is no way Who says he understands some things in the illusionary sea, so do you think that Lanning Situ can by chance understand the illusionary sea? ??? But there is no container of wisdom in his mouth, he is in the void sea Can you still talk to me directly? Regardless of whether it's Mao Saidun, or not to mention Maosaidao, even Maosaidun who has opened ro sx Supreme Transparent Exploration Edition Sublime will not work, will a child How will the newborn manifest to become the Thunder King?"

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    She actually wanted Vuong Han to help her destroy her homeland? You must know that this nightmare is living in the Void Sea, what caused her to do such a thing? Moreover, if she wanted to do this kind of thing, why didn't she do it herself instead of asking Vuong Han to help her do it as an outsider? In a certain sense, this is also Vuong Han's hometown. He has no reason to directly destroy the entire Void Sea. After all, there are thousands of formations in this Void Sea.

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    It's over, get busy. After Vuong Han said these words, when he said goodbye to the switchboard and left, the entire opaque phone booth instantly became transparent. It was obvious that Vuong Han could no longer occupy the phone booth. , leaving the central terminal for someone else. Vuong Han also skillfully left this place, went to a small alley, disappeared directly under everyone's silent pointing, and when he appeared again, he had arrived at city number 103. As the center said. , this city is also very serious. damaged now, the city was destroyed by virtual beasts, and it is now a pile of ruins without a blade of grass.

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    At first it felt pain, but now the pain has disappeared. In a daze, it used two claws to hook the tail of the wooden thorn, then pulled the wooden thorn out of its mouth. When it came out, it was very painful. much. Everything was dragged out, everything was extremely stinky, but the thing that confused Vuong Han the most was that the tips of the wooden thorns had been melted, meaning they were previously very sharp. blunt, still a wooden spike weapon, at this time it was as if the wooden spike had been directly inserted into a highly corrosive solution, the tip of the wooden spike had been completely burned. did not directly insert into the back!

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    “Look at what you say, boss behind my majestic center, can I not have the ability to calculate?” He rolled his eyes at Wang Han, as if I was very rich.

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    “Is this Hua Hai?” Tieu Truong Dang's expression was extremely surprised. She stood quietly in place, one hand still tightly holding Dai Nhi's palm next to her. Although she was a little surprised in her heart, she also knew it. No matter how excited she is, she cannot let go of Dai Nhi's hand at this time, otherwise she will definitely be taken away in the blink of an eye. After that, she definitely doesn't want to let Uncle Vuong Han return from the front. Because of my stupidity, this situation appeared, "I feel my eyes are attracted by it. If my strength is recognized by Uncle Vuong Han in the future, I will definitely go to Tu Hai." See what's at the bottom of the abyss. I don't believe it, the things in there are simply dead silent, and should have a story of their own in there.

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    Vuong Han shook his head directly and said faintly: "There are no monsters or anything, the entire Tu Hai is still very quiet. The reason I saw these so-called nightmares before was essentially... It." It is also because some unique things in the illusory sea are deformed, the real illusory sea is an empty existence, there is nothing noteworthy at all."

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    The reason for this is also very simple, that is, the state-district alliance is essentially an alliance, alliance and alliance coming together for benefit, but in essence, each state and district will preserve its own culture. yourself and avoid your own culture. It has been eroded directly, and because each person's living environment is different, it would be troublesome to say that it is a unified city for different states and counties to live in, so many cities with Urban fringe walls were clearly created here. Living for them was somewhat similar to the purpose that distinguished the 18th floor of Phac Xan Liet Academy, and it belonged to a kind of humanistic concern for the living environment. individual for each state and county.

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    From her perspective looking at the whole thing, in fact, the land provided by the district alliance was very, very generous. Basically, some of the demands of ordinary people could be covered by the alliance. The district responded. Why do you need to leave the state-county alliance now? Are there many things that cannot be done in a state-district alliance? Did you have to leave to be able to see more? She has lived in Zhanzheng University since she was a child, and she has been more or less influenced by the living environment of the entire union state-county, she also wants to participate in the mutual wars of the entire state -allied district after receiving the SSR Medal, then trying to overcome Her own efforts ended this war. On the one hand, the living environment of the entire state and district union will be better. On the other hand, she felt that she could also learn a lot of things that could not be understood in ordinary reality through this matter.

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    Of course, Vuong Han didn't come here to get this magic white pill. He wanted to see how many white pills could make a difference, so he gradually began to increase his ability. the team of that white medicinal pill. starting from 1 unit Increase, each time only increase 1 basic unit, because the overall scale is 1 million, so this 1 unit is still accurate, the key is not to waste much time, up to 10 units the next unit, 100 units, and finally 50 units At the time of tens of thousands of units, the entire size of Hu Luan had swelled a lot, that is, the inside was filled with small white pills, which would then bulging, if Hu Loan still had a mind at this time, I would definitely be wondering why the population suddenly and gradually increased so much, there is no reason at all! Could it be that there is a rule of 1000 births, the reward for one birth is 10 million?

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    “Lanning Wang Han, isn't that your name?” Kieu suddenly asked this question at this moment.

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    Okay, okay, see! Dai'er shouted loudly, it closed its eyes, "But I told you before, if you find out that I am not your enemy, if you have anything, please tell me directly, otherwise I will will curse You!!!"